“iMurders” was originally entitled, “Chat Room”. It was conceived shortly after the release of Writer/Director Robbie Bryan’s first independent feature, “The Stand-In”. The film co-starred Kelly Ripa, Lou Myers, David Ogden Stiers and Judith Ivey. Bryan spent many hours promoting the film in Soap Opera and various other television chat rooms, where he found an underground movement of people communicating and befriending strangers and considering those ‘buddies” some of their dearest friends, despite never having actually met them. The result is this exciting suspense thriller.

“iMurders was shot in 21 days. The locations for the film included Scotch Plains, Jersey City, Hoboken, Union City, Paramus and Weehawken, all in the state of New Jersey. In addition, some photography took place in Beverly Hills & Hollywood, California. When it came to portraying other states that the characters lived in, well, we kind of cheated. Cut us some slack, it’s independent filmmaking!

Re-Collaborating with Writer/Director Robbie Bryan was actor Dan Grimaldi (THE SOPRANOS), who played Bryan’s father in The Stand-In, as well as Jennifer Estlin, Christie Botelho, Andrew Goffman, and Ashley Greenfield. In addition, Robbie had the pleasure of again teaming up with the ultra cool Tony Todd, “The Candy Man”, and Producer Eric D. Wilkinson, both of whom worked with Bryan on the smash hit indie Sci-Fi feature, “Man From Earth.”

“iMurders is thrilled to have original music from talented artists being heard all over the country, such as Dana Parish, Arthur Colombino, Smith & Pyle and Sandra Mayes. But the really big, “score” came from being able to bring on World Famous Composer Harry Manfredini, who created the famous soundtrack for the Original “Friday 13th”, as well as sequels II-VII and X. Ironically, Writer/Director Robbie Bryan made his acting debut as one of the “Times Square Thugs” pictured here in “Friday 13th VIII:Jason Takes Manhattan”.


iMurders has appeared in film festivals all over the country, including Official Selections at Shriekfest, Big Apple Film Festival, Eerie Horror Fest and was especially proud to have received the Audience Award for the Down Beach Festival in our hometown state of New Jersey, where Kevin Smith was honored with a Lifetime Achievement Award, as was our own, William Forsythe.



The final day of Principal Photography took place at the Director’s home, where the Cast and Crew celebrated together the monumental task of finishing this feature. But first, large pools of blood had to be cleaned off the walls, where remnants of one of the film’s gruesome deaths can still be seen today, much to the chagrin of Bryan’s wife.




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